Restrict Sign In Methods

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Restricting Sign In Methods Available To Users

Under the Manage Users screen, a account admin has the ability to restrict which sign in methods are available to all users on that account. The options include:

  • -- All -- (Default)
  • Username and Password
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook

Users on an account will only be able to log in if they use the available sign in method(s) (if not they will receive an error stating they need to contact their company administrator). Restricting sign in methods is a useful feature in cases where your organisation administers usernames/emails from a central point (e.g. Microsoft). As an admin, you could restrict GoSweetSpot access to Microsoft logins, and if you ever need to remove access, you can simple remove the user on your side without needing to update GoSweetSpot.


Please note, some features on GoSweetSpot require a username and password to function. In these cases you may either not be able to access that feature, or you will need to set up the feature before restricting access. Examples:

  • Shopify Dispatch App requires a username and password, you will not be able to use the embedded GoSweetSpot Dispatch app in Shopify if sign in methods are restricted
  • Print Agent 2 requires a username and password to set up initially. For this application, you can set up the Print Agent before restricting access and then it will still work once you have updated the restrictions.