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You can order various supplies on GoSweetSpot via the Supplies Section. Supplies are split into multiple sections.

Labels & Satchels - This is where all the supplies that are sent directly from GoSweetSpot can be found, such as GSS satchels, labels, and Saturday/Overnight stickers. Please note shipping of these supplies to you is free but there may be a packaging and handling fee for smaller orders.

Packaging - These supplies are supplied by and sent from Attwoods, one of our partners. Items we do not stock can be found here such as bulk cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Please note shipping these supplies to you does have a cost, information is available in the "Packaging" tab.

FedEx - These supplies are used when sending with FedEx. These supplies are free and shipping of these supplies to you is also free as they are sent from GoSweetSpot. Please note that even though these items are free, they are only sent within reason (eg. If you have only sent a few packages internationally per month then you order 1000 FedEx supplies, we probably won't send these supplies to you).

Previous Orders - This is a basic breakdown of everything you have ordered from the supplies section or have received.