Cost Centres

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The tab 'Cost Centres' is where you can create and separate brands. You can also customise the logo and return address that appears on your label (courier dependent).  

If you only have one brand, you will most likely be using this page for label customization for the single brand. When you print a label you will see there are empty spaces in both the top and bottom right corners, this is where you can add your company logo and your return address. 

Please see the label customization page here for further details. 

To add additional brands, you need to create more cost centres. When you have multiple cost centres, a drop down box will appear titled "Cost Centres" which will be displayed under the "Delivery Instructions" field on the Create page.

A cost centre can help you separate your freight costs to different departments or stores in your invoices to differentiate between those stores/departments. If you require different invoices based on your Cost Centres, please let your Account Manager know so they can set this up for you. 

To add a cost centre, click on the "Add New" button. 

To edit an existing cost centre, click on the cost centre's name under the "Name" column