Stock Sizes

  • Updated

Here you can add new custom presets for the drop down box found under the "Packages" section on the Create page. This helps you automatically fill out the Length, Width, Height, KG, and Cubic for your packages.


To create a new preset you need to fill out the following fields: 

Ordering The order in which the preset will be displayed in the drop-down box. Please note the lower the number, the higher it appears on the list.

Name The name of the package, you see this in the drop-down box.

Length (cm) The length of the package in centimeters.

Width (cm) The width of the package in centimeters.

Height (cm) The height of the package in centimeters.

Volume (m3) The cubic of the package in meters cubed.

Weight (kg) The average weight you think the package will weigh. Please note you can edit the weight on the Create page if it needs to be altered for a particular package.

Type What type of packaging it is.

Availability Who can use the preset.

Once these fields are filled, click the blue "Save" button on the bottom left of the page.