Creating Your Own SendGrid Account

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GoSweetSpot uses SendGrid as our email delivery system. By default, if you use GoSweetSpot to send out your track & trace emails, we will send these with you as the sender email address, even though it is actually a GoSweetSpot domain that is being used.

While this feature is useful, it does have drawbacks in that some email platforms will treat these emails as spam or refuse to accept them (resulting in bounced or unseen emails).

Use Your Own SendGrid Account

We have integrated with SendGrid to allow you to use your own SendGrid account when sending your GSS emails. 


  1. Open a free SendGrid account:

  2. Set up an API Key (
    The key will need to have the below Access Details with Full Access
    - Mail Send
    - Mail Settings
    - Sender Authentication

    Sendgrid Api Key Access Details.png

  3. Open GoSweetSpot and find your Site Settings and copy and paste your API key into the 'SendGrid Api Key' field. Click save.


  4. Your track & trace emails should now be sent out via your own SendGrid account. Please note, this only applies to track & trace and feedback emails.

You will not have access to tracking email events on the Tracking & History page. To view these, you will need to log into your own SendGrid and check the events.

SendGrid has a limit of 100 emails per day for basic accounts. If emails exceed 100, then the email will bounce back and will not be delivered. You will need a premium account to send unlimited emails.