International Shipping

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How To Send Internationally

Sending internationally via GoSweetSpot easy. It’s like domestic shipping but with a couple of extra steps and requirements.

Step 1. Change the Country

To send internationally, your first step would be to change the country in the dropdown from New Zealand to wherever you would like to send.

Step 2. Declare Shipment Details for Customs

After doing this, a new section will pop up above the 'Packages’ section on the right-hand side of the page titled 'Commodities / Customs Declarations’. This section will need to be fully completed. The list of requirements is explained here.

Step 3. Enter Package Size and Weight

As with domestic shipping, you will need to enter the size and weight of physical parcels you are sending. This is different to the previous section as that relates to what is inside each parcel, rather than the size of the package. Simply weigh and measure the packages normally. Some carriers have specific measurement requirements which you can learn more about here.

Step 4. Labelling and Documentation

You will need to label and document your package correctly. This varies slightly from courier to courier. For the most part you simply attach the label(s) to the package and provide a commercial invoice to the driver (either attached via labellope or given to the driver by hand). Learn more specific processes here.

Step 5. Request a Courier Collection

Lastly, the packages will need to be given to the courier. For the most part, you can simply request a pick up via the Reprint and Manifest screen once the packages have been created.

If you are in a non-urban area this process may vary with couriers. Learn more about this here.

International Carrier Options

We have a range of different International Couriers available. If you would like to add these options to your account, please have a chat with your account manager. Our available services include; FedEx, NZ Post, GoAustralia (formerly known as e-Parcels), and First Global Logistics.