DHL Recipient Tax ID Format Requirements

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Some countries require the sender of a shipment to provide a tax ID for the recipient of that shipment. There are a range of potential tax IDs depending on destination company (e.g. VAT or EORI among others) and different courier companies also handle the capture of this data differently.

DHL Format Requirement

Our system has a single field call Recipient Tax ID to capture this data.


However, DHL require the Recipient Tax ID to be broken up into three parts: Type Code, Issuing Country Code, and ID number.

As a result, if you are providing a Recipient Tax ID while using DHL, you must enter the ID exactly like below (separated by commas):

Format: Type Code,Issuing Country Code,ID Number

Format Example:  EOR,CZ,CZ123456789


Examples of Different Type Codes DHL Accept

VAT Value-Added tax
EIN Employer Identification Number
GST Goods and Service Tax
SSN Social Security Number
EOR European Union Registration and Identification
DUN Data Universal Numberin System
FED Federal Tax ID
STA State Tax ID
CNP Brazil CNPJ/CPF Federal Tax
IE Brazil type IE/RG Federal Tax
INN Russia bank details section INN
KPP Russia bank details section KPP
OGR Russia bank details section OGRN
OKP Russia bank details sectionOKPO
SDT Overseas Registered Supplier or Import One-Stop-Shop or GB VAT (foreign) registration or AUSid GST Registration or VAT on E-Commerce
FTZ Free Trade Zone ID
DAN Deferment Account Duties Only
TAN Deferment Account Tax Only
DTF Deferment Account Duties, Taxes and Fees Only
RGP EU Registered Exporters registration ID
DLI Driver's License
NID National Identity Card
PAS Passport
MID Manufacturer ID