Exporting High Value Shipments

  • Updated

To export high value goods (greater than or equal to $1000 NZD) from New Zealand, there are some extra requirements regardless of which carrier you use:

  1. NZ Customs require a commercial invoice to be provided with the package(s).
  2. You must be registered with NZ Customs and your client code must be visible when it goes through customs. You can register with NZ Customs here.

Things to note:

  • We suggest displaying your NZ Customs client code on your commercial invoice. Note, GSS does not have a field for your client code on our automatically generated invoice, so we recommend you create your own.
  • The value is determined on whether or not the items are going to the same receiver on the same flight. For example, if you are sending three separate consignments to the same receiver at the same time, NZ Customs will take the combined value of all shipments (even if the consignment numbers are different).
  • Depending on country being sent to, there may be further duty & tax charges on high value goods. On GSS you may select for the receiver to pay these but responsibility for payment remains with you. If the receiver fails to pay the charges they will be charged back to your account.