Rural & Residential

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Residential Delivery Zone

Residential addresses usually don't have swarms of packages being delivered on a daily basis. Most courier companies therefore class this zone as 'low-density'. 

This zone involves:

  • Residential homes/apartments
  • Businesses that conduct their operation from a residential home and are surrounded by residential homes e.g., if an auto workshop is operating at a residential home, with other homes surrounding the workshop, this is classed as situated in a residential delivery zone

The standard delivery timeframe for a residential area is delivery by EOD for overnight and 2-day services, although there may be disruptions to the network that are unforeseen at the time. 

Business Delivery Zone

All courier companies have specified zones in which they prioritise delivery. A business delivery zone includes addresses/businesses that are located in commercial and industrial areas, usually surrounding other businesses and generally open to the wider public. 

There are some special exceptions to qualify for a business delivery zone;

  • Businesses that have specific delivery periods e.g., store is only open 8am – 3pm
  • Businesses that are situated in the outer areas of a city/town
  • Businesses that have high volumes of delivery, or small retail businesses that are situated within a residential delivery zone

Deliveries in this zone aim to be delivered by EOD for overnight and 2-day services, although there may be disruptions to the network that are unforeseen at the time. 

Special requirements are currently in place for a faster delivery time (void of delay):

  • Businesses that provide formal delivery windows e.g., New World, The Warehouse
  • Medical facilities (e.g., pharmacies, clinics), schools, veterinary services, dental clinics, mechanic workshops (varies)

Rural Delivery

All deliveries made in rural areas will have a surcharge. This fee varies per carrier and can be found on your GSS rates proposal. You may also request an updated copy of your proposal by contacting your account manager. 

On our track and trace system, you will see ‘Signed for by: rural’ to indicate when the parcel is passed along to the carrier's rural/non-urban delivery partner for the final leg of its journey. Signature required services are not applicable for rural/non-urban deliveries. They will also not provide a POD. 

Please allow 4 -5 business days for a parcel that is bound for a rural/non-urban address to arrive. Due to the low density of deliveries in rural /non-urban areas, deliveries are done less frequently.