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File Monitor

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The File Monitor utility can be used to automatically send order information to the GSS backend.

This utility will monitor a selected folder on the PC and as new files are created in the folder, they will be parsed and sent to the order queue.

Only files in predetermined formats will process.

Install the application using this download.

Upon installing, run the application.



API Key : identifies your account. You can get this from Administration > Manage Users.

Folder Path: select the folder to be monitored. It is recommended that this be a dedicated folder, with no sub-directories.  The application will auto create a directory called Processed under this directory.

File Filter: The search pattern to resolve which file types to import. 



File import activity is logged on this view to give you visibility of which files are being imported.


File Format

The file should a simple text file, in comma separated value format.

Columns the same order. If a column value is not available , it should contact a blank space or value.  Your text values containing the comma (,) character should be sanitised and commas removed. The commas will conflict with the file format.

Download the template and specification using the link below.