Local Connector - Installation

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The Local Connector is a utility application that can be installed on a PC/Server, for sending orders data from a source system to the GoSweetSpot back-end.

This runs as a Windows Service on the machine, hence does not require any active users to be logged in for it to work.

Step 1:

Minimum requirement is Microsoft .Net Framework v4.6.1 (Latest installer click here)

Latest Local Connector installer click here. (Current Version: V2022.9.7.1)

Step 2:

Run the installer with Administrator privileges.

Right click on the file and select Run as Administrator.


Follow the installation process till the end. Please ensure you select Create a desktop shortcut


Step 3:

Once installed you will find a new shortcut icon on your desktop. Double click to launch


Proxy/Firewall Settings

If your network is protected by a firewall or proxy server, you might need to enter more details.





The most common use case for the Local Connector is to monitor and upload file drops on the host server or PC.

On the app, you will be presented with a Connector#, this uniquely identifies your install.


On the Ship site, navigate to Administration --> Integrations.

Select Local Connector to get started.


You can provide a meaningful Nickname to this connection.

The Connector# should be from above, as it appears on the app.

The Folder to Monitor is the folder location your other application is dropping the files into. Note that this application runs as a windows service, so network drives will need to be verified as connected.

File Filter - the application only uploads text based files. You can provide *.* or an appropriate filter here.

Field Delimiter - select the appropriate field separator

Field Mapping - map the order of fields as they are on the source file.



Once done click Save Changes. Sample file formats attached below.

One you have made any changes, these need  to be refreshed on the program. Click on Restart Service to refresh the configuration. If this fails, you will need to restart the windows service manually. Use the command line below to restart the service.


Command Line:

Since this programs runs as a Windows Service, the restart the application, follow these instructions.

Search cmd from the windows menu, to find Command Prompt. Right click and Run as administrator.


To Stop the Local Connector

net stop gsslc

To Start the Local Connector

net start gsslc


Known Issues:

  1. When monitoring Linux based file shares, the file uploads are not real time. They are normally cleared on a timely sweep of the folder.
  2. Depending on how the files are created, and how quickly the creator releases the lock on the file, the LC might show "Access Denied" against a file, and then successfully upload it a little later.