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NetSuite NWS Checklist on NetSuite Platform

NetSuite Normal Web Service uses Token Based Authentication (TBA) for authorization and syncing orders or fulfillments to the GSS system. Some specific configurations are needed in the NetSuite platform to make this work.

On the GSS Ship system Integration page, fill in these details-

  • Token Id
  • Token Secret
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Fetch Object
  • Status to use

This NetSuite article provides some ideas for the NetSuite platform TBA configurations.

Our customer usually configures till here themselves. Make sure this is done.


  1. Make sure Token Authentication Role (role name can be anything) is assigned to the employee whose credentials are input in GSS Ship.

    Employee TBA Role Assigned.png

  2. Make sure the user has relevant FULL permissions depending on which type of records are syncing.

    User Permissions.png

  3. Make sure the role has REST and SOAP Web Services permissions assigned.

    WebServices Perrmission.png

  4. If it still fails, on the NetSuite Platform Integration page, check the 2nd option 'TBA Issue token endpoint' too, and try again. Also, make sure the User Credentials checkbox is selected.

    TBA Issue token Endpoint.png

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