Unleashed - Integration Setup

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How this works

GoSweetSpot can be integrated with your Unleashed Software account to synchronize your Unleashed shipments with GoSweetSpot. This allows you to view and process your Unleashed shipments from GoSweetSpot. When you dispatch the shipment from GoSweetSpot, we can optionally mark the Unleashed shipment status as "Dispatched" and store a tracking link
against it.

For information on managing your shipments within Unleashed,
see the Unleashed Shipment Documentation.

Integration Setup

  1. Visit the Unleashed Shipping Company Settings page and add GSS as a shipping company. 
  2. Visit the Unleashed API Integration Settings to obtain your API Id and API Key.

  3. Navigate to the GoSweetSpot Unleashed Integration Setup page and input your API Id and API Key.
  4. Optional. If you would like the contact data associated with your Unleashed orders to be displayed on your shipping labels, enable "

  5. Optional. If you would like the "Comments" data on your Unleashed orders to be displayed as delivery instructions on your shipping labels, enable "
  6. Optional. GoSweetSpot can automatically update your shipments on Unleashed with a tracking link and set the status as "Dispatched". You can enable this using the "Send Back Ticket Number" option on GoSweetSpot.