Shopify Dispatch: Fulfilment/Tracking Confirmation Emails

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Who will handle your tracking emails?

When dispatching an order, you have the option to send a tracking email automatically either by GoSweetSpot or Shopify. 

By default GoSweetSpot will create an email template here that is automatically sent out when the package is scanned.

You can also have Shopify send out a similar email when the order has been fulfilled by selecting YES on the setting 'Send Email Confirmation via Shopify'.

If you choose to send the email via Shopify please ensure you disable the GoSweetSpot email here to avoid sending a similar email twice.

What do we recommend?

There is no right or wrong choice, it depends on your workflow and this is why we give you flexibility. However, we generally reccomend notsendingout the Shopifyemail because it is sent out when the item is printed rather than when it is scanned. This means the recipient will see no update on the tracking link at the time the email is sent, whereas GoSweetSpot will only send the email once the package has been scanned.