GoSweetSpot Shipping Options App (Shopify Installation)

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This article is an extension to the GoSweetSpot Shipping Options App article. Please ensure you have read that before continuing. 

Please note, your Shopify plan may not allow Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) by default. If you are unable to add the GoSweetSpot Carrier Rate you may need to contact Shopify (this is not a GoSweetSpot change) and upgrade your plan or add it as an extra for an additional Shopify fee. GoSweetSpot have no control over this and do not receive any of the plan revenue.

If you have Multiple Fulfilment/Shipping Locations (e.g. products are stocked at different locations) then Shopify will calculate shipping rates for each fulfilment/shipping location. This is an unfortunate inconsistency with Shopify's rating that we have raised with them but so far have no resolution for. In this case, the app may not work for your store.

Linking GoSweetSpot and Shopify App

After clicking the 'Find it on the app store' button or searching on the Shopify App Store, you will be presented with the below page. 


Click 'Add app' and you will be taken back to GoSweetSpot to indicate we have linked the two sites. You will then need to click 'Save and Enable on All Zones' (or in some cases 'Re-enable on All Zones).


Once enabled, please navigate back to your Shopify Dashboard and follow the below steps.

Setting Up Shipping Rates

To set up shipping rates in Shopify you navigate to the 'Settings' button at the bottom of the dashboard. 


This will bring up the below page where you can navigate to 'Shipping and delivery' (as shown).


From here you may create a 'shipping profile' for specific products under the CUSTOM SHIPPING RATES heading or use the GENERAL SHIPPING RATES section for all products. 

Add 'New Zealand Zone' 

Click 'MANAGE' on either profile and scroll down to the shipping section. From here you will need to create a shipping zone and we reccomend just selecting 'New Zealand' like below:


Note: If you already had zones set up, the GSS Shipping Options will already be added to those zones under 'Carrier and app rates'. If this is the case, you do not need to add ours in, but you still may want to remove your current rates (see below).

Add Rate (Carrier Rate vs Own Rate)

At this point you have the option to add a rate (you may already have some existing rates). To use our app for the rate, you need to click 'Add rate' and then select the 'Use carrier or app to calculate rates' instead of the 'Set up your own rates' option:


Once you click 'Done' and Save the changes the app will be installed and your rates will be calculated based on the criteria you have set up on GoSweetSpot. 

The final configuration should look like below (note that the 'Your rates (1)' tab will only show if you are using both your own rates and ours. If you are just using ours this will not show).


You may wish to remove your existing rates and test the results. Click here to go back to the main article on setting up GoSweetSpot Shipping Options for further information. See 'Step 6. Remove Existing Rates & Test'.