GoSweetSpot Shipping Options App (WooCommerce Installation)

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This article is an extension to the GoSweetSpot Shipping Options App article. Please ensure you have read that before continuing.

Linking GoSweetSpot and WooCommerce Plugin

After finding the GoSweetSpot Shipping Options plugin on WordPress, you will need to first install it (click 'Install') to WooCommerce and then link it to GoSweetSpot. 

To link it once installed, navigate to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Shipping >> GoSweetSpot Shipping Options


You will see the fields Method Title, Identifier and Secret.  Method Title may have already been populated but you will need to enter in an Identifier and Secret (otherwise you can write anything in the Method Title). To get these values, click the 'Click Here' link displayed in the instructions (or navigate to it in GoSweetSpot) and copy the Identifier and Secret field values one by one from GoSweetSpot into the WordPress "GoSweetSpot Shipping Options" Plugin config page shown above.

Click the "Save Changes" button at bottom of the plugin config page. The two sites are now linked but no rates will display until the zones have been set up with our plugin's shipping method.

Setting Up Shipping Rates & Zones

You will need to add the GoSweetSpot Shipping Rate method to the Shipping Zones in WooCommerce.

Navigate to WooCommerce >> Settings >> Shipping >> Shipping zones and make sure you either have the shipping zone 'New Zealand' or leave it blank (displayed as 'Everywhere').*

*Note, if you select specific NZ regions then a check out rate will only apply for those regions. Also, if you have selected specific New Zealand regions, at checkout field called 'Region (optional)' will no longer be optional as WooCommerce require a region to be specified by the customer if your zone settings are also region specific. As such, we reccomend selecting the 'New Zealand' zone or leaving the zone blank.

Click into the Zone(s), select the Add Shipping Method button at bottom and choose GoSweetSpot Shipping Options from the dropdown list.


You may wish to remove your existing rates and test the results. Click here to go back to the main article on setting up GoSweetSpot Shipping Options for further information. See 'Step 6. Remove Existing Rates & Test'.

Important Things to Note

WooCommerce provides a shipping calculator that will display a rate before the final checkout page and before the customer has entered a complete address. We recommend disabling this shipping calculator because while it may work some of the time, without a complete address (street, suburb, state etc) we will not be able to reliably validate rural or residential addresses. To disable this, please uncheck the checkbox "Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page" in WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Shipping options->Calculations.