GoSweetSpot Shipping Options App

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What is GoSweetSpot Shipping Options?

  • Define rules based on shopping cart value, weight of products in the cart, or simply mark up your current rates.
  • Apply surcharges for residential or outer area (rural) deliveries as validated by us based on the address.
  • Offer multiple shipping options to your customers.
  • We take care of managing the shipping zones for you. You simply select the zone and set your rules.

After installing this app, you will be able to enable Carrier and App Rates for your checkout workflow. This can be used to complement your existing shipping matrix or replace it.

Installation Instructions

Below is a step by step guide on how to set up GoSweetSpot Shipping Options.

Please note, these settings will not apply to your live website's check out until you link it up (explained later). Disable/enable buttons are also only active once the zones have been linked. 

Step 1. Add a Delivery Zone

Once you are on the Shipping Options settings page, start by adding a delivery zone. You can do this by selecting the 'Add New' button which will allow you set a zone and add pricing conditions.



Step 2. Add a Service

By default, a service called 'Standard Shipping' will have been created when you added in the previous step. You can choose to rename the service description, set a default rate and define a short code.

The service description is what will display at check out for the defined zone so you may want to call it 'North Island Shipping' if you only have one or perhaps 'Express Shipping' if you are going to have multiple options for the customer. 

The default rate will only display if none of the criteria are met (explained later) and you can leave short code blank or use it for your own reference.


Step 3. Add Pricing Criteria

There are three types of pricing criteria to choose from: Weight, Cart Value and MyRates (Markup).


We will start with the Weight criteria as that is what is added by default.


A 'Weight' pricing criterion will have been created for you by default. You will notice it already has a condition and price. It also has buttons to edit, remove and enable/disable. 


The default condition above means that if the total weight of products in your customer's shopping cart is between 0kg and 100kg, then a price of $5.00 will be displayed at check out for that zone. It also means that if the address was rural or residential a $0.00 fee would apply. Note that GoSweetSpot will automatically figure out which zone their address fits into and whether or not it is rural or residential.

To edit this, simply click the 'Edit' button, change the values you require and click Save at the bottom of the page.


You can add multiple weight breaks by adding a new pricing criterion, selecting Weight, and then setting a new weight range like below:


You can also remove these criteria and start from scratch by clicking the x symbol and then selecting Add Pricing Criterion as required.

Cart Value

The Cart Value criterion allows you to set a shipping price based on the total value of products in the shopping cart. Click Add Pricing Criterion and select Cart Value from the drop down menu. You will be prompted with the below settings:


You can set a minimum and maximum value, base fee and surcharges for residential and rural. Setting a minimum value of $10 and a maximum value of $50 will mean that any order that has a total cart value within that range will display the base fee plus any applicable surcharges.

You can add multiple Cart Value ranges by adding a new pricing criterion, selecting Cart Value, and then setting a new cart value range.

My Rates (Markup)

If you don't wish to define shipping prices yourself (based on either weight or a cart value), you can have the system display a price based on a markup of your current rates.

Click Add Pricing Criterion and select 'My Rates (Markup)' from the drop down menu. You will be prompted with below:


This criterion allows you to select a specific courier (carrier), set the preference to cheapest or fastest, add a markup, round the resulting price and also add an extra base fee if you choose.

First, set a carrier to base the pricing off and select either cheapest or fastest. This means that if you had a two day rate and an overnight rate, the system will either select the faster or cheaper of the two.

The markup field will apply a percentage to the carrier rate for the total product weight in your customer's shopping cart. Please enter a whole number (e.g. 20 for a 20% markup). 

You can round the resulting number by selecting one of the options from the drop down as you may prefer to show your customer whole number instead of something like '$12.16'. If you selected '1, 2, 3, 4, 5...', this means the system will round the number to next '1' (e.g. for a price of $12.16 the result would be $13.00).

Finally, you may will to add a base fee to the calculation. This fee will be applied first and then the rounding will apply to the resulting number.

Important Note: We are working out a rate based on the products weights set up in your Shopify site. If you do not have weights set up to your Shopify products it will not work. It's also important to note that Shopify does not have a field for volume/size and only allow weights. If the size of your box is greater than the weight (at a ratio of 200kg:1m3), you would want to use the equivalent weight (volumetric weight) for the product weight in Shopify.

Multiple Pricing Criteria / Priorities

You are able to have multiple pricing criteria of the same type as explained above, however may also combine multiple criteria of different types (Weight, Cart Value or Markup).

To do this you, you may combine any of the above criteria and then set the priority of those criteria by using the arrows (notice the priority number on the side). The system will prioritise the first criteria and if that condition is not met it will go to the second (if none of the criteria are met it will display the default value).


Step 4. Rates Preview

After you have created your zones, services and pricing criteria it is time to test the results. You can do this by clicking the 'Rates Preview' button:


Enter in a weight and cart value and select an address you wish to test for. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a section called 'Available Rates' which will display the results of your set up.


Step 5. Link to eCommerce Platform

Once you are happy with your conditions, the next step is to link our app to your eCommerce. Please select the platform you are using as shown below:


You will be taken to a page like below (Shopify used in example) and from here you need to click the 'Find it on the app store' button.


You will be taken to the eCommerce provider's website where you can install the app. Please note, the installation process from here will vary depending on which platform you select.

Step 6. Remove Existing Rates & Test

Once you have installed the application on your platform, you will potentially now have both our rates and your existing rates showing on your website. 

We would reccomend going to your website, adding some products to your cart and going to check out. Enter in some address details for shipping and test to see if what you are expecting happens. The GoSweetSpot Shipping Options will be the one with same name as the Service Description that entered in as below (the rest, if any, will be what you already had set up).


If it all looks correct, remove your existing rates (assuming this is going to replace them) and you are done!

If you have any trouble, please contact us on support@gosweetspot.com