Business vs Residential Deliveries

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Business Delivery Zone

A high-density delivery and pick-up area for Freightways, that includes businesses situated in industrial and commercial areas, that are open to the public and surrounded by other businesses.

By exception, some businesses will be included in this zone if they are one of the following:

▪ Small retail business areas that are located within the residential delivery zone
▪ Single businesses located within a residential delivery zone that have high-density deliveries
▪ Businesses that have formal and specific delivery time windows
▪ Businesses that are located within the outer areas of a branch town or city

This zone is subject to special service standards, with delivery by the end of the day for both overnight and two-day services.

Special exceptions are currently approved for:

1. Customers with a formal specified delivery window (i.e. The Warehouse, Bunnings, Supermarkets)

2. Approved Receivers of Freight from key Freightways Express Package customers:

▪ Schools - Primary, Intermediate and Secondary
▪ Pharmacies
▪ Medical Centres / Doctor Surgeries
▪ Dental Clinics
▪ Hair Salons (only in a block of retail shops)
▪ Veterinary Clinics
▪ Auto Workshops (if supplied by our key customers)

Residential Delivery Zone

A low-density delivery area for Freightways that includes:

▪ Residential homes
▪ Businesses operating from residential homes
▪ Businesses that are surrounded by residential homes.

For example, a Hair & Beauty Salon working from a residential home and also surrounded by residential homes is classified as a residential delivery.

This zone is subject to the Residential Delivery Zone service standard, with delivery by the end of the day for both overnight and two-day services.