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PDF Download

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To download labels as a PDF:

  1. Make sure you have followed these steps.
  2. Go to Administration -> Preferences and Settings.
  3. Under 'Label Printer' change the drop down box to 'PDF File Download (Standard A4)'. If you have a dedicated A5 tray, you can download the A5 version.
  4. Scroll down and click 'Save Changes'.
  5. Reprinting labels will download a PDF which you can print to your A4 printer on the A5 sheets.

How To Print

First place the A5 sheets in your A4 printer tray and if you selected 'PDF File Download (Standard A4)', you don't need to adjust the tray to fit. Simply push the paper to one side so that it is the same width as an A4 piece of paper but half the height.

Once ready, open the PDF Label and print as though you are printing A4 and the A5 sheet should come out with the label information on it. Note, this may take some experimentation to align the printing correctly.