Address Validation

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Address Suggestions

GoSweetSpot has an address suggestion feature on Streets, Suburbs and States for many countries. This means if you start typing out an address in either of those fields, we will prompt you with a suggestion for addresses you may be looking for.

This makes sending much more efficient and it also keeps addresses in a consistent format for our courier partners to ensure they can deliver in a timely manner.

You may receive an error if the format you have entered is different to what we expect. In cases like this, we would suggest typing out the Street or Suburb again and selecting from the suggestions. We will automatically override your existing address to ensure the format is correct.

Address Validation on Integrated Orders

If you have received an order via your e-commerce platform, when you select the order we will populate the address fields automatically.

Different customers will enter in addresses in different ways, so it can be challenging to ensure address format consistency. Our system validates your customer's entered address and will display either a green tick or an orange tick depending on what happened during the validation process:

  • A Green Tick means that we have validated the address and no changes were required for this order to be processed.


  • An Orange Tick means that we have validated the address but we had to make some minor changes to the format. The system will still allow this address through but we would suggest quickly eyeballing the address to ensure it looks correct.


  • No Tick means that the address is incomplete or in a format that we do not understand. You will need to select the order and make changes on the screen to ensure the format is correct. We recommend using the Address Suggestion feature to help here.