Commodities Automatic Mapping

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Preferences & Settings.

The below setting, "Automatically fill commodities table for integration orders" is used on the main create screen. When selected, if the order contains product information, it will be used to pre-fill the Commodities details for international shipments.  For Domestic shipments, this is ignored completely.



** This setting does not affect Speed Print.


Commodities Presets

You are able to select a line as "Use as Default".  This instructs to ignore the product information on the order, and simply use the values loaded in the preset.


A) Ship Screen:

  • If this option is turned on and the Preference and Settings are turned on, this commodities page option takes priority and will create a commodity with this Commodity Description always.
  • If this option is turned off, and the Preference and Settings turned on, the Commodities list is automatically created using the Product Lines Description and details

B) Speed Print:
This field is not used by Speed Print.