Track and Trace Email Statuses

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Normal Course of Events

Generated: Email created by GoSweetSpot and queued to be sent.

Sent: Sent from GoSweetSpot.

Processed: Received by our mail provider, ready to be sent to the receiving mail server. 

Delivered: Arrived to the mailbox of the receiver.

Open: Receiver has opened the email.

Click: The receiver has opened the tracking link in the mail. 


Other Possible Events

Dropped: The email can drop for a few reasons - Invalid SMTPAPI header, Spam Content, Unsubscribed Address, Bounced Address, Spam Reporting Address, Invalid, Recipient List over Package Quota. 

Deferred: Receiving mail server temporarily rejected the message.

Bounce: Receiving mail server could not or would not accept the message. 

Spam Report: Recipient marked the message as spam.

Unsubscribe / Group Unsubscribe: Recipient opted out of all future emails.

Group Resubscribe: Recipient opted back into all future emails.


For further and advanced details please see: