Bulk Printing

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Bulk Print is useful when you are wanting to print many labels at once (usually than 50, though this is not limited). Some key steps are detailed below:

1. Go to Bulk Print and download the spreadsheet template.
2. Open the spreadsheet and delete the example rows (Row 2, 3, 4, and 5).
3. Fill in the required details, please refer to "The Template Fields" below for more information.
4. Select the spreadsheet via the "Choose File" button then click the "Import" button. You will then be taken to a new screen.
5. If the button "Start Fixing errors" appears, click the button and resolve any issues highlighted by the red fields. Once done, click on the "Re-validate & Save" button at the bottom of the page.

If the "Start Fixing errors" button does not appear, move onto step 6.

6. Select your preferred carrier, service, cost center, and if your consignments are signature required. Then click "Next".
7. The system will then take a moment to load and generate pricing. Wait until the blue loading bar has completed and click "Start Printing".
8. You will then be taken to a page to review the pricing and confirm. Click on the "Start Printing" button to print your labels. It will present you with a summary of all the jobs and their designated consignment numbers once printed.

The Template Fields

The red columns indicate the required details.


Column Description
Delivery Reference This can be anything. It allows you to search for your consignment in "Tracking & History" with the Delivery Reference you enter.
Name The name of your receiver.
Building The unit number, shop number, company name, or building name.
Street Address The street name and number.
Suburb The name of the suburb, if no suburb is provided enter the same details as you would for the "State" field.
State The town or city. eg. Auckland, Christchurch, etc.
Postcode The postcode of the address you are sending to. If unknown, set to "0".
Country The A2 (ISO) country code. eg. NZ, AU, etc.
Contact Name of the receiver or the name of a contact at the address.
Phone The contact's phone number.
Goods Desc A brief description of the goods you are sending.
Currency The "Value" columns currency. eg. NZD, AUD, USD.
Value The cost value of the item you are sending.
Part 1 Cubic The cubic (m3) of what you are sending. 
Part 1 Kg The weight of what you are sending in kilograms. 
Part 2 & Part 3 columns Please only uses these fields if you are sending multiple packages to the same address. As there are only columns for Part 1, 2, and 3 you can only have up to three parts per consignment. 
Email The email to send your GoSweetSpot track and trace email to.
Delivery Instructions A note printed on the label.