Import Orders and Integrations

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GSS allows you to Import Orders from different sources. 

In the Receiver section, you will notice an Import field with a search box and two options as per the image below.

You may use the "Search" box to enter the customer name/order reference to have the order details populated on the ship screen. 


If you click on the "Orders" button, you will be presented with a screen as per the image below.

The filters under the heading "Customer Orders" allow you to control which orders are displayed as part of results. Make sure to click on the "Search" button once you have adjusted the filters. 

Once you click the "Select" button, the Receiver's address and order details will be populated on the ship screen. In the image above, you will notice an icon next to the "Select" button, this indicates the source of the order. This is useful for those customers with multiple integrations.

Depending on the integration, once the job is processed by clicking "Go", GSS will synchronize with the respective marketplace platform and also update your order's status on the platform as well. This is called a "two-way" integration.

Please click here for a list of one and two-way integrations.