Quickbooks Commerce Integration Setup

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The Quickbooks Commerce integration allows you to sync your Shipments from Quickbooks Commerce into GoSweetSpot. Shipments are created underneath Orders. You can have multiple shipments for an order. An order must have shipments before it can be processed through GSS.

You can set up a new integration or configure an existing integration here.

Quickbooks Commerce Shipment Automation

You can set up Quickbooks to automatically create Shipments against your orders when once they are finalized. All of the items on the order will be packed into a single Shipment. If you wish to dispatch the order as multiple shipments you will need to do this manually.

Navigate to Automation. You will be prompted to authorize the application, and then you will need to navigate back to Automation.


Set up the "Create Fulfillment upon Order Finalization" workflow. A Fulfillment and a Shipment are the same thing in Quickbooks.

Filtering options

We provide some filtering options so that only a subset of your shipments on Quickbooks will be included in GoSweetSpot. 


Order status to sync: The shipment's parent order's status must be selected here for the shipment to be included in GSS.

Fulfillment status to sync: The shipment's status must be selected here for the shipment to be included in GSS.

Only sync fully packed orders: If this is selected as Yes, the shipment's parent order must be fully packed for the shipments to be included in GSS. If No, then any shipment can be included in GSS provided all other criteria are met.

Two way integration

After a label is printed on GoSweetSpot, we will update the shipment on Quickbooks with the associated tracking number and tracking link. The shipment status will also be updated to "dispatched". 

The following option on GSS needs to be enabled for this process to occur: