Maropost Integration Setup Guide

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You can add a new Maropost integration here.

Getting your API key

In your Maropost Control Panel, go to Setup & Tools -> All Settings & Tools -> Developer Tools -> API Settings.

The API key can be found here:

Setting up two-way integration

You will need to create a new shipping service. In your Maropost control panel, this can be found under Settings & Tools -> Shipping -> Shipping Services & Rates.

Create a new Shipping Service.

The name of the Shipping Service should be the name of the carrier you are using, e.g. Post Haste or NZ Couriers. The list of carriers available to you can be found at:

The Tracking URL field must be: 

The other fields should be left blank. The image below shows the name as 'GoSweetSpot' but the name should actually be the carrier name.


In GoSweetSpot, the following two fields should be set to "Yes":


If you are using multiple carriers in GoSweetSpot, you should create a Shipping Service in Maropost for each carrier. You should set the name of each Shipping Service to be the same as the Carrier you are using - e.g. if you are using Post Haste and FedEx, you should have two Shipping Services in Maropost named "Post Haste" and "FedEx".