Unleashed Two Way Integration Setup

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How this works

GoSweetSpot can be integrated with your Unleashed Software account to synchronize your Unleashed shipments with GoSweetSpot. This allows you to view and process your Unleashed shipments from GoSweetSpot. Other features are available - see options below.

For information on managing your shipments within Unleashed, 
see the Unleashed Shipment Documentation.

Integration Setup

  1. Visit the Unleashed Shipping Companies page and add GoSweetSpot as a shipping company. 
  2. Visit the Unleashed API Integration Settings to obtain your API Id and API Key.


  3. Navigate to the GoSweetSpot Unleashed Integration Setup page and input your API Id and API Key.
  4. Select which shipment statuses you would like to sync from Unleashed into GoSweetSpot.


Optional Features

Data Binding


These options will tell the integration how to populate data for different fields from Unleashed platform. You can choose to -

  1. Populate Consignee Name - In Unleashed, you can have multiple addresses per customer and each address can have its own name. For the consignee name on GoSweetSpot, you can choose whether to use AddressName, Customer Name, or both.
  2. Populate Consignee Contact Information - You can choose on GoSweetSpot, which type of contact (Primary, Ordering, Invoicing, Shiping, or don't use any) to use to Populate Consignee Contact Information (retrieve the contact name, phone number, and email address)
  3. Populate Delivery Instructions -  from either Shipping Address Delivery Instructions or Order Comments sections


Workflow Settings


These options will tell the Integration how the workflow settings should be.
You have -

  1. Option to choose which type of record you want to pull- Shipments, Orders, or both
  2. Option to use Advanced order fulfillment process option - If this is turned on, we complete an order only if all the fulfillments/shipments inside the order have "Dispatched" status. Even if this is off, the tracking details will still be updated on Unleashed platform, depending on the below setting.
  3. Option to set update shipment on Unleashed as Dispatched -We will update the shipments you process on Unleashed by marking them with "Dispatched" status and storing tracking details into the Unleashed platform (tracking company and tracking URL). This will only work for shipments not in "Dispatched" status.
  4. Option to set Complete order if fully dispatched - We will try to complete the order in Unleashed platform when the shipment status is Dispatched. For the GoSweetSpot Integrations, if this option and the Advanced order fulfillment process option are both turned on, we will complete an order only if all the fulfillments/shipments inside the order have "Dispatched" status. If this option is turned on, but the Advanced order fulfillment process option is turned off, we will complete orders without checking fulfillments.