CIN7- Integration Setup

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How this works

GoSweetSpot can be integrated with your CIN7 account to synchronize your CIN7 Sales Orders with GoSweetSpot. This allows you to view and process your CIN7 Sales Orders from GoSweetSpot. When you create a consignment against the Sales Order from GoSweetSpot, we can optionally mark the CIN7 Sales Order status as "Dispatched". Additionally, the tracking URL will be stored against the order.

Integration Setup

1. Visit to set up a new integration source.

2. Visit 

Record the API username and store it on GoSweetSpot. 

3. Press the "Add API Connection Button". Use any App Name and continue. Get the API KEY and store it on GoSweetSpot.

4. Click the permissions button on the API User you have just created.

5. Set the permissions as follows.

Two-way Integration

You can enable GoSweetSpot to update the Sales Order on CIN7 after you create the consignment on GoSweetSpot. The Sales Order will have the status changed to "Dispatched". You can do this by enabling the Send back Ticket Number option on the CIN7 integration settings page.

Dispatching Batched Products

If your CIN7 product has Batch stock control type and also uses Batch/Serial numbers then the stock will not be deducted when you dispatch the order through GoSweetSpot. You can disable GoSweetSpot from fulfilling orders with batched items using the below setting.


If your batched products use a size grid, then there is no issue.

Updating Freight Charge to CIN7

After you print a label, you can optionally choose to push the cost of the freight to CIN7. If you have configured a markup in your cost centre, you can choose to push this marked up freight cost instead.

Do you have a shopify account linked to your CIN7 account?

If your CIN7 account is linked to your Shopify acount and set up to automatically update your Shopify order status upon updating your CIN7 order status, this process can also be triggered through GoSweetSpot.

When you process an order on GoSweetSpot, we can update the status of the order on CIN7, and then CIN7 will update the status of the order on Shopify.

To enable this, ensure "Send back Ticket Number" is set to "Yes". In the Shopify module of CIN7 click the update order status link, copy the idCustomerAppsLink from the address bar, and paste it into the "Shopify Trigger" text box on GoSweetSpot.