FedEx Claims

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The claim timeframe for damaged packages is 21 days from the shipment date. Claims for undelivered or missing packages must be filed within nine months from the shipment date. To begin the claims process, you must provide us with:

  • Evidence of damaged goods and packaging
  • A copy of the commercial invoice

If your claim has been approved, FedEx will compensate for the declared value of the goods. If there is no value declared, FedEx will then compensate based on the Warsaw Convention/Montreal Convention policy.

As stated on FedEx's conditions of contract, the Warsaw Convention or Montreal Convention is limited to 17 and 22 SDRs per KG respectively, unless a higher value for carriage is declared and the appropriate charge is paid. Carriage value is a form of insurance for your package that you pay to FedEx; you can find this under additional cover.

Liability for shipments that are
not under the conventions is limited to a maximum pay-out of $100USD or $20USD per KG or the carriage value – whichever is greater.