NZ Post Domestic (Courier Post) Claims

  • Updated

Courier Post missing or lost parcel claims must be lodged 21+ days after collection of parcel. Damage to a delivered item or missing contents claims must be filed within 10 days following delivery.

For a damage claim, Courier Post will collect the item and the packaging from the customer and conduct a damage assessment. If the packaging or contents have been disposed of prior to the damage assessment, a claim cannot be lodged.

If the damage assessment results in approval, or for a lost parcel claim, we will require:

  • A copy of your customer's invoice/purchase order
  • A copy of cost/supplier invoice. NZ Post compensate on the cost value of the product, not the retail value. If the goods are handmade/manufactured by you, we will require supplier's invoices for the raw materials, or a screenshot of a software that determines the cost price to manufacture the goods
  • An invoice made out to GoSweetSpot for the cost price of the goods, that were damaged or missing. Do not add the freight cost into this invoice, we do this ourselves


Please note: All claim payments will be made exclusive of GST