Invoice Changes: Invoice Lines, Chargebacks & Underticketing

  • Updated

We have made some improvements to the billing screen and invoice lines, particularly around how we display chargebacks and underticketing.

Change Summary:

  • New chargeback section that is separated from the consignment (previously 'Freight Lines') list
  • Underticketing charges are more transparent and easy to understand
  • Invoice lines have been tidied up

New 'Chargebacks' Section

You have always been able to see a breakdown of your invoice under the Billing --> Invoices --> Report, but now the report has been expanded to show chargebacks as a separate tab for transparency and ease of use. The tab is further broken down by 'General' and 'Underticketing' chargebacks. 

If you have any questions about your invoice, we'd strongly recommend viewing the breakdown to get a better understanding of the charges.

You can also export all charges/tabs on this report by clicking 'Export to Excel'.



Underticketing Table

As always, it's very important to correctly declare your package dimensions and weight. However, in the event you incorrectly measure or weigh your parcel, courier companies will pick this up as 'underticketing'. They will remeasure and weigh your package and charge you back the difference alongside their admin fee that may vary.

In the event this happens, underticketing charges will be displayed under the new 'Underticketing' section of the Chargebacks tab. We will display what you originally declared the item as and if provided by the courier company, we'll also show you what the new measurements were (declared vs actual). The amount of the charge is displayed in the last column. 

You can also quickly see the details of the misdeclared consignment by clicking the magnifying icon on the far left.

Invoice Line Changes

On your invoice, you will notice that there will be a single line for the carrier that you have used. The total amount now combines the under-ticketing charges instead of having each underticketing charge on a separate line. This prevents the invoice from looking messy and gives it a cleaner look. 



If you would like to see the specifics of the underticketing charge/s, you can view this under the Chargebacks section through  Billing --> Invoices --> Report to gain a better understanding.