Link Your E-commerce Platform

  • Updated

GoSweetSpot have many e-commerce platforms that are able to link with our shipping system. You are able to link both integrations and apps to your account. 

Integration with an e-commerce website with the GSS system enables your orders to be automatically copied over for ease of printing courier labels. On many integrations, you can push back tracking and fulfilment data as well.

Apps can also be set up to make shipping easier. Currently we have two types of apps that work with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms:

  • Shipping Options: Allows for shipping rules to be enabled at checkout
  • Embedded Dispatch: Allows for label creation with a certain platform (instead of using the GoSweetSpot UI)

To set up either an integration or an app, go to Administration -> Integrations and Apps.

If your website is not on the available list or you were unable to search for it, please contact our support team at or call our support line on 09 6005250

Follow the instructions after selecting your chosen e-commerce platform and you're good to go!