Adding Teammates

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For companies that have more than one person behind the scenes, our system makes it easy for you to manage access and have different users. Users are people who can log in and view different levels of the system. 

You can do this by going to Administration -> Manage Users

On this page, all users are listed showing their permission, status and last log in details. 

In this section, you can do the following:

  • You can revoke access
  • You can reset user passwords
  • You can change user access level
  • Add users – you can do this manually, or import users from your organization using a spreadsheet 

Different User Capabilities: 


Edit Settings

View current & historical invoices

Edit Settings

Manage cost centers, track & trace emails, integrations, etc.

Edit Settings

Create shipments, bulk import & print, etc.

Edit Settings

Tracking History only

Full Admin Access green-tick.svg green-tick.svg green-tick.svg green-tick.svg
Standard User   green-tick.svg green-tick.svg green-tick.svg
Basic User     green-tick.svg green-tick.svg
Read Only       green-tick.svg