Common API Use Cases

You have a custom bespoke e-commerce or orders platform:

Your site does not allow external systems to feed information into it directly. Your approach will be to publish orders to GSS once the orders are ready for dispatch/labelling. On the GSS system your user would process the order. At some stage your system will request the order status update from GSS. The api interactions would be:

  1. PUTapi/customerorders- triggered from your site when order is ready for ticketting

  2. Using the GSS web portal, your dispatcher tickets the goods.

  3. GETapi/customerorders- triggered by your system every 6 hours, to get status update on the order published earlier.

You have a very specialised dispatch workflow:

You might have a special requirement to integrate the ticketing directly into your existing system. Using a external system to do one part of the workflow may affect performance and may not be acceptable. You can use the GSS api to build the ticketing into your system. The api interactions would be:

  1. POSTapi/rates- your system at dispatch, calls the api to get all available freight options and rates

  2. POSTapi/shipments- the dispatcher reviews the freight options from (1) and makes a selection. A second call to generate the shipment is triggered.

You use an open source platform:

A lot of open source systems, also have a open API platform that GSS is able to tap into to build the integration directly from within GSS. We would consider any platform that our customers are using. However depending on platform popularity the implementation time frames would be considered. In the case that there are very few users on the platform, it may not be a sufficient business case for us to undertake the integration.