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Print Agent 2 (Mac)

  • Updated

We recommend using GoPrint instead of Print Agent unless you are using multiple computers to print from one Print Agent. You can install GoPrint here.*

If you are running Windows, please click HERE.

The Print Agent is the utility that runs on your Mac in the background, managing all the print jobs sent from GoSweetSpot.

Please read:

  • The Print Agent will only work on OSX Mountain Lion (v10.8) or later.
  • If you have multiple users or computers using GSS, you only need this installed on the computer that has the printer plugged into it.
  • If you have a network printer, you might need this on multiple computers.


To set up your printer, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Printers & Faxs.


  2. If your printer is not on the list already, click on plus(+) to add the printer.
    The printer should already be plugged in and turned on.


  3. Select the printer, then select a Driver option.
    For LP2844 - Select "Zebra EPL2 Label Printer"
    For GC420D - Select "Zebra ZPL Label Printer"

  4. Once added, select "Open Print Queue" to open the Printer properties.
    Select "Print Test Page" to verify that the printer is installed correctly.
    You will now need to calibrate the printer. To do this follow the instructions HERE.


To install the agent, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Print Agent from HERE.

  2. Go to your Downloads folder, right-click on the "PrintAgent2.2015.3.3.pkg" file and click on "Open".

  3. There will be a prompt stating "PrintAgent2" is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it? Click on "Open" and go through the installation process.

  4. The application will now be in your Applications list. Find and launch Print Agent 2.

  5. Enter your login details to sign in.


    "Name this Mac" will populate automatically. You can edit this if you need to.
    Upon signing in, it can take upwards of 1 minute for the next screen to load. This is due to the application trying to resolve the printers.

  6. Your site name should automatically now appear.


    Select the Zebra printer that you set up earlier.
    Enter a name for the Printer.
    Click "Save" to save the configuration.
    Note: If you are using the A5 sheets, you need to set the "Type" to "A5/A4 printer". Leave the Orientation as Landscape.

  7. Now click on "Reconnect" to force the application to listen for printing jobs.

  8. On the dock, set the Print Agent (blue icon with white "g") to "Open at Login" and "Keep in Dock".


  9. The setup is now complete. You can now minimize the Print Agent.

  10. Go HERE, refresh the page then select the label printer you just set up from the "Label Printer" drop-down list.

  11. Once done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

  12. Enjoy! Your printer should now be set up to print your GoSweetSpot labels.