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Measuring your Parcel

It is very important to measure and weigh your parcels correctly to avoid an under ticketing charge and possible penalty charge. 

More about Under Ticketing here <hyperlink to under ticketing article>


On our system you will see the fields Height, Length, Width, KG, and Cubic. 

Standard Box Dimensions

Triangular Box Dimensions

If your package has measurements such as 17.3cm x 21.7cm x 32.9cm, you would input them as: 

18cm x 22cm x 33cm 

This is to ensure we don't incur any under ticketing charges. The same rule of rounding up to the next whole number applies to the weight of the package as well. If the package weighs 17.4kg, you input the weight as 18kg. 


Calculating the Cubic Weight

Cubic Weight = H x W x L (must be in metres)

Example: 0.4 x 0.2 x 0.21 =0.0168

Our system automatically calculates the cubic weight for you one you have inputted all the dimensions


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