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If you wish to send products classified under Dangerous Goods through the Post Haste network, you will need to go through the prior approval process. Approval is not guaranteed.

You will need to send the below three forms to your Account Manager in order to apply for approval. 

- MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

- A mock DG document. This can be completed by following the link below

 - A pre-approval application form (attached at the botom of this article).

It is imperative that you please read and understand the Dangerous Goods Policy and Guide (attached at the botom of this article).

Once your account manager has received the above forms back, they will apply for approval. Please keep in mind that it may take some time to go through all the documentation and come to a conclusion on the approval. 

If you have been approved by any of the three courier providers to send DG, we then enable the option on your GSS system. Once this option has been enabled, you will be able to go through the DG processes easily thanks to our system that will produce the DG form for you. 

- You will need to select 'DangerousGoods'.

- Then fill out the details on the new window displayed. 

Please make sure you attach a DG ticket to the consignment - DG tickets look different for each courier company and it is important to attach the correct one. These can be purchased through your GSS account under the 'Supplies' tab.

You will also need to place stickers on the consignment that show what type of dangerous goods are contained inside the parcel. GSS do not stock these but you can find these through various companies such as Attwoods or OfficeMax.


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