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SpeedPrint allows printing of up to 100 (50 by default) integrated orders at once without the need for a spreadsheet upload.

You can start this process by going to Create -> Outbound & Export and clicking on the orders button to bring up all integrated/API orders.

Scroll to the bottom and select Speedprint. From here you can select a number of orders to process and there is also a screen for validating incorrect addresses.

Once the selection is complete, scroll to the bottom and select Process.

The next step is to choose how you are going to be sending these, you can do this by selecting one method that majority of these parcels will be sent in as the below and select Add

To the right will be a section to chose your preferred carriers, you can have the preferred one selected and then chose apply.
This will then edit all orders at the bottom to the preferred package and courier.
If you know that a parcel will be sent differently you can go through and adjust it before you go to the next step.
Once you know all of these orders are correct you will need to go to the bottom and select Generate Label. This will then either print the labels straight to your printer or download as a PDF, depending on the settings on your account. 
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