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Importing Airpoints File

Presently there is no mapping import functionality available to import the AirPoints batch file.

The below steps will enable you to transform the file from its original state to something you can easily import into GSS.


  1. Download the Transformation file from below.
  2. Open your current Airpoints file, copy all the data, excluding the header row

  3. Paste the copied values as "Paste as Values" in the transformation file.

  4. This will now populate the values on the target worksheets.

    Orders File Import

    Bulk Print

  5. Depending on the import you are using, copy the transformed values into a new Excel file.  Copy data including the header row, and exclude the rows that have the "0" placeholders.


    This transformation file is set to deal with 1000 lines only. If your data is longer, you will need to adjust the file.
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