Print Agent Fix

How to fix the Print Agent

1. Open the Print Agent (If it's not open already).

Method 1: If it's running but not open.

Method 2: If it's not running (The Print Agent needs to be running for GSS printing to work).

3. Go into the "Setting" tab and click on the "Data Folder" button.

4. Delete all files in the folder.

5. Go into the "Sign In" tab and login with your GoSweetSpot login details.

Note: If you have forgotten your GoSweetSpot login you can update your login password here by clicking on your username and typing a new password in the "Set New Password" field and clicking on the "Save User" button at the bottom of the page.

6. You must click Save to bring up the Printers Tab.

7. The Print Agent will restart. Go to the Printers Tab, select your Printer from the drop down list and click add to link the printer with our site. 

8. Set your label printer in GoSweetSpot > Administration > Preferences & Settings > Label Printer to the printer your just created (it will be the one with the largest number in brackets)

9. At the bottom of you page, click on the Save button.

10. Everything should now be fixed and ready to go.

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    can someone calll an go though resetting up ied everything when this usually happens

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