Recent Outages


Over the past two weeks we have been having some technical issues with GoSweetSpot – this may have affected printing and loading times, orders not pulling through, and general site outages.

We completely understand this is frustrating and apologise for these issues and the inconvenience they have caused.  We have been working around the clock trying to resolve the issues.

The recent printing issues had been due to overloading on our primary print server. Due to overload it would try to restart, however with the huge demands from the print agent the server would get overwhelmed and not recover gracefully.  We have now implemented some enhancements on the server end to better handle these.  This has also highlighted some issues with the Print Agent, particularly the older versions used by some customers.  We will shortly start deploying a new version of the Print Agent, which will better handle any server side issues.

If you are still experiencing issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Team at GoSweetSpot
31-May-2016 10.50am

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