Calibrating Zebra Printers (OSX)

If your printer is releasing an extra blank label, printing incorrectly or over multiple labels, you will need to run a media calibration. Below are the steps:

OSX (GC420d)

1. Create a plain text .txt file on the desktop called "zpl.txt". In that file type "~jc^xa^jus^xz" and save the file.

2. Open Terminal and type the command "cd desktop" then "/usr/bin/lpr -P <PrinterName> -o raw zpl.txt". For example "/usr/bin/lpr -P GC420d -o raw zpl.txt".

Your printer has now been calibrated.

OSX (LP2844)

1. Turn off the printer with the ON/OFF switch at the back of the printer and wait 5 seconds.

2. Hold down the green button on the printer WHILE also turning the printer back on with the ON/OFF switch. The light will flash, on the second flash release the button. 2-3 labels will be discharged.

Note: This method may not work.

Your printer has now been calibrated.

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