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Calibrating Zebra Printers (Windows)

Zebra GC420d or GK888D

If your printer is releasing an extra blank label, printing incorrectly or over multiple labels, you will need to run a media calibration. 

We have a video showing how to do this, which you can find here or simply follow the steps below. 


1. Select the START menu, now open Devices & Printers. You can search this on the start menu.

2. Find your printer and right click to select Printing Preferences.

3. Click on "Tools" and click on "Send". This will issue a few blank labels while calibrating the printer. 


Zebra ZD220

Press and hold the feed button on the top of the printer. The LED light will blink on and off once, keep holding, then blink on and off for a second time, now release the button. 

A few labels will feed out and the printer should stop on the label gap. 

The ZD220 has two button on the top compared to the GC420d. One of the buttons on the ZD220 is the power button, the feed key is to the right.

If the error continues,
1. Check that the gap sensor is in the middle of the label.
2. There is no dust or broken label covering the gap sensor
3. The driver has been set to gap/web sensing and not black mark or continuous media sensing. 

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