Print Agent 2 (Windows)

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*UDPATE: We recommend using GoPrint instead of Print Agent unless you are using multiple computers to print from one Print Agent. You can install GoPrint here.*


If you are running OSX, please click HERE.

The Print Agent is the utility that runs on your PC in the background, managing all the print jobs sent from GoSweetSpot (GSS).

Please read:

  • We DO NOT officially support versions of Windows earlier than Windows 7.
  • If you have multiple users or computers using GSS, you only need this installed on the computer that has the printer plugged into it.
  • If you have a network printer, you might need this on multiple computers.


To install the agent, follow the steps below.

  1. If not already installed, download and install the Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client Runtime from HERE.

  2. Download and install the Print Agent from HERE.

  3. Progress through the normal setup dialog. The dialog will then automatically close after the setup is complete.

  4. A shortcut (blue icon with white "g") has been created on your Desktop as Print Agent. Please double-click to open this. The first time, it can take up to 30 seconds to start up.

  5. Enter your login details to sign in.

  6. You will now confirm your site name and the agent name.
    Choose a name that is easy to identify (eg. Dispatch PC).

  7. Click Save to confirm the details. The application will automatically close and
    restart again. If it does not start up automatically in 30 seconds, double-click on the shortcut again.

  8. Now select the second tab, Printers.

  9. Select the label printer from the list of printers.
    Change the name if you wish to set a different name.
    Select the Format. If unsure, leave it as PNG.
    Orientation, leave as Landscape.
    Click Add to save the printer.

  10. Select the Setting tab, then check the "Start minimized" and "Start on system startup" checkboxes. NOTE: Your windows user may need to be an Administrator for this to function correctly.

The setup is now complete. You can now minimize the Print Agent.

Go to Administration > Preferences & Settings page HERE, refresh the page then select the label printer you just set up from the "Label Printer" drop-down list.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

Your printer should now be set up to print your GoSweetSpot labels.