Print Agent Offline and Logged Out

If your Print Agent is saying OFFLINE, please open the program again and follow the below steps if the Print Agent is asking you to log in again:

1. Open up the Print Agent and log in with your GSS login

Note: If you have forgotten your GoSweetSpot login you can update your login password here by clicking on your username and typing a new password in the "Set New Password" field and clicking on the "Save User" button at the bottom of the page.

2. Click Save.

3. The Print Agent will restart, Re-add your printer into the Print Agent by choosing the correct printer from the drop down and clicking "Add"

4. Set your label printer in GoSweetSpot > Administration > Preferences & Settings > Printing to the printer your just created.

5. At the bottom of you page, click on the Save button.

6. Everything should now be fixed and ready to go.

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